Indox Mosquito Net, Nagpur, Maharashtra India In our distribution center, we sell and ship our products. And to benefit our customers, besides this, we want to distribute many distribution centers, through which our products are available for fast delivery and also good for our environment.

“Our Foldable Mosquito Bed Net-

Manufactured by durable materials, this mosquito net protects you from mosquitoes only, it also gives you the flexibility to use it, at any time using foldable mosquito nets on the bed, floor or even on the road Can also be done. There are steel wire in it and it is easy to set up and down. It comes in only one trap type, fine trap, and one floor, which holds many things including bed-bugs (you can use it in the dharamshalas with home, hotels and beds for better ridicule and ridiculous rescues). folding bed net It can be easily folded and taken!
Now you do not want to look for places to hang hooks or bamboo or ropes on your mosquito net, this signal bed, and one or two people in double beds are available in size! This pure white terylene mesh yarn is made of breathable Material O Flexible Steel Wire Strong structure. The cruelty of steel, keeps the net in full size at all times.

This is a small portable carry bag. These models are available in light and low prices! Its size signal bed is 4 × 6, double bed 6 × 6, and king size 7×7 is available here! Order call 9623478101

Folding Mosquito bed net,100℅Natural and safe, Easy to use folding, space sawing Made up from Strong poly material , Flexible useful in travel flexible design.

Almost all double bedsizes

The Unique Double Bed Twist & Fold Mosquito Net not only prevents mosquito borne diseases but also protects your health from the harmful side-effects of mosquito sprays, coils, mats & repellents.If you are living in a high-risk area or traveling, this mosquito nets offer essential protection against Mosquitoes, flies and other insects. 

Material : Polypropylene (PP) Net & Durable PVC frame

Foldable, lightweight and easy to carry

Easy to wash, Easy to assemble

Breathable : Proper ventilation inside the net for comfortable sleeping

Capacity : Comfortable sleeping for 2 adults & 1 child

Fine mesh provides best mosquito protection

High quality net with sturdy frame, it is self-supportive

The zippers prevent entry of mosquitoes and let you get in or out of E70bed quickly

No tying needed : no need of separate rods to hang the net as it comes with a strong flexible frame which fixes easily

Opened Size:(LxWxH)

7874 x 70.86 x 59 inch (Other size 4×6, 7×7,6×6 Available) order now:-

Indox System’s Mosquito Net Foldable King Size(Double Bed Size 6 x 6 Foot) With Free saviours-Blue



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