Indox mosquito net is a unique, stylish and hassle-free mosquito net that helps you stay away from bites of mosquitoes and insect. Protect your families from fierce diseases such as malaria, faladi and dengue. Indox Mosquito Net in Nagpur has been a unique point of reference for over 12 years in business history .The track record of the company is starting with glass fibre net in 2005, Indox mosquito net a wide range of high Performance materials and indox net is a market lender in all this business including screens to center to the Varied demands of the market, we have a wide range of products in fibre glass net. 

Mosquito Net For windows in india

Mosquito Net For windows near me

Mosquito net for windows

It is flexible and safe for sleep. Easy entry and convenient zip on both sides to exit.

There is no need for a separate lath, because it comes with a strong flexible frame that easily resolve.


Advantages Of Indox Mosquito Net:-

All type windows easy to install.
• Allows circulation of fresh air.
• Abundant natural light.
• Washable, Durable
• Stretch-proof.
• Fiber Retirement

velcro fitments
 Multiple Fitments Option of Indox Mosquito net in window
  • Velcro Fitment
  • Open type Mosquito Net
  • Rollup Mosquito Net
  • Sliding Mosquito net
  • Aluminium Channel nets



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