Most of the  Indox mosquito nets come with mattress that can be used in a crib or cot bed. The entire sets provides protection to your baby from mosquitoes, Indox Baby Mosquito Net Provides mosquito net protection at the age of 0 to 12 months, this designer offers a bed set, which is specially prepared for your young children. This mosquito Provides a bed set with mosquito net made from the highest quality of cotton, which provides full night protection with mosquitoes .Both during the day or night time, apart from proving a cosy and comfortable sleep. The mosquito nets are easily washable and are usually made up of cotton.

zipper opening and closing can be done easily, the rest of the bed set should be in your child’s care kit. to do this, your child sleeps comfortably, this bed set can be placed on the floor or coat bed.


NOTE: The actual product color and design that is in stock will be sent to it..



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