First Time We have Introduced Expandable type in nagpur from 4 feet to 7 feet. Our cloth drying hanger Stand/racks is fitted to ceiling/roof to conveniently hang your clothes in available space like utility, balcony, verendah, bathroom or terrace. Dry your clothing with easy to use, high quality, reliable, attractive pulley based roof hanger, the indoor hangers have 6 lines individually adjustable drying stainless steel rods.

Cloth dry hanger stands

The stainless steel rods are rust free suitable to be used in all range of situations. The clothes dry faster by making good use of the warm air trapped in the ceiling space due to high temperature and let more airflow and sunlight into your apartment and house. This makes it look great and provide a versatile and sustainable alternative to the traditional dryer hangers. It is also ideal for homes and businesses looking for indoor clothesline with limited where space is at premium. Easy to maintain and operate the pulley system cloth drying hanger racks.

Cloth Drying Rack New Laundry room clothes hanger wall

Drying your clothes in the four walls of your home will no longer be a problem when you use cloth dryers. A wide range of useful and completely functional cloth dryers awaits you. Make your pick from these housekeeping products that vary in size, shape, model, colour, and material. A one stop-shop for home decor and furniture, Indox Systems sells a Cloth dry Hanger In Nagpur every Day.



Indox Cloth Dry Stand Clothes are now fast and easy with stand-alone stand and attractive clothes. Providing an effective domestic solution, this dryer is designed to make enough spaces and lines, which can be used for different fabrics. Keep it anywhere in your home, because this compact size allows you to easily fit your home and comes with durable material to make sure that you do not have to worry about its sturdiness. Due to the use of the product bathroom, balcony, porch, its anti-corrosion and anti-wild facility. This product is a multipurpose addition for urban homes. During the rainy season, a good cloth dryer should be used for washing many laundry …


In particular the Indox Cloth dryer stand is the best choice because its capacity is capable of carrying up to 40 kilograms and above and where You can also keep it there and keep it there. The Indox Textile dryer stand has been given to look at modern and modern forms according to the wishes of the people. Features: 6 hanging frames (3 on each side of the rack). 4 rails on each frame for drying many clothes at the same time. Size: (75-126) x 64 x 170 cm; Material: Stainless steel and plastic, powder-coated it does not rust. It handles high quality and durable light steel rail heavy wet cloth … very helpful product Orders now



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